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Central Committee of the CPDA

Communist Party of DeviantART
Central Executive Committee and Commissariats

:iconthe-necromancer: General Secretary of the CPDA
:iconknofear: Commissar of Theory and Ideology
:iconthe-laughing-rabbit:Commissar of External Affairs
VACANT DUE TO RESIGNATION Commissar of Internal Affairs
:iconrenjikuchiki1: Commissar of Literary Affairs
:iconparty9999999: Commissar of Visual Arts
:iconfatal-nostalgia: Commissar of Environmental Affairs
:iconvelikorossiya: Commissar of the Treasury
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Communist Party of DeviantART Deputy Commissars
:iconace99129: Deputy Commissar of Visual Arts
:iconcomradenovember: Deputy Commissar of External Affairs
:iconkiev-45: Deputy Commissar of Theory and Ideology
:iconfrenzywolf: Deputy Commissar of External Affairs
:icondarkzaitzev: Deputy Commissar of Literary Affairs
:icondeathlesslegends13: Deputy Commissar of Literary Affairs
:iconrenegadeofpeace: Former Commissar, Observer
:icondomain-of-the-public: Former Commissar, Observer
:iconnurizin: Former Commissar, Observer
:iconbttlrp: Observer

The Red Star Vanguard Staff

:iconknofear:Chief Editor
:iconthe-necromancer:Co-Founder, Columnist
:iconfatal-nostalgia:Co-Founder, Columnist
:icondeathlesslegends13:Former Chief Editor, Columnist

CommunismDA YouTube Staff

:iconpkbchaz: Channel Producer

Official Anthem of the CPDA: The Internationale


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Dear comrades of the CPDA,

I would firstly like to apologize for the disorganized and delayed nature of this year's Party Congress. As General Secretary, it should have been planned out better. We did not get to all of the topics on the agenda, however we will continue to discuss these things and more in the weeks to come.

In regards to Party elections, due to a lack of candidates for a true democratic process, I will propose a simple Party-wide vote on approving a continuation of the current leadership as is.

In regards to Party policy, I will reference you all to the CPDA's latest policy documentation in both English and Spanish:

Any and all concerns with the Policy can and will be discussed. Any changes will be voted upon as they arise.

Again, my sincere apologies for the disorganized nature of this year's Congress. A safe and pleasant holiday to our American comrades, although Thanksgiving Day is a most controversial holiday in it's own right.

In solidarity,
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themutantlizard Featured By Owner 2 days ago
The only way i see communism working is if everyone has a culture of deliberate poverty where wealth is considered shameful.
PokeTitan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  New member
I'm a social democrat and think communism is unrealistic myself, but in the distant future when robots do most of our work, it may inevitable. But in the meantime, I consider myself a far leftist but I don't see how communism can work yet. Regardless, I just wanted to say congrats being so open and honest with your views, everyone. Good luck Red Flag Waving 
Skargill Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Good day, just for some users here would be interested in an PDF archive  I made of Libcom articles about working class history and revolutionary theory. Since my criteria was `I like it` its a bit all over the place but there should be something of interest and value…
anupespe Featured By Owner Edited Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
i believe the real enemy of communism are the people who are spoon fed from their childhood to  fear simple words, them people who fear communism but doesn't really know what is communism or why should they be afraid of it..

the bitter truth is that the only people who should really fear communism are the ones who are greedy and exploit the hard work of the poor and care nothing about them
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Living in America, I know exactly what you are saying. But fortunately, due to some of my nation's politicians and their hate-mongering, many young people have started to ask questions and look at what Socialism and Communism really are. Instead of smearing President Obama (although some do believe such garbage), the Republican ultra-conservatives have done nothing but to make people think, discover, and consider that there are other options to the reality we know.

The irony is most amusing.
anupespe Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
yup...I have heard many Americans proudly say that unlike many other countries, America only has 2 major political parties,
and that its simple for them to decide which one.

I laugh at them inside knowing that in any given situation..having to decide between only 2 choices is always dumb.
its like you are being asked - death by sword or death by bullet?...don't you have a 3rd choice at all? live
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
...sadly, no. There is no real third choice in American politics. There are many third parties out there, but none get any major support, fewer still even get on a ballot.
(1 Reply)
PeteSeeger Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Student Writer
You seem to hold a romanticized view of the harsh realities of communism, and a semi-hagiographical reverence for the leaders who were, in absolute honesty, evil.
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Some may. But a good many of us are rather aware of the bad blood of our movement. We try and learn from the mistakes of the past, so that we may not repeat them again. Building the Socialist society is no easy goal, nor one that has been done entirely right before. But, just as Marx taught us, we strive to understand the how and why of these failings, their connection to the class struggle that continue or continued to exist, and of course the failings of overcoming Nationalist sentiment and tendencies.

The-Necromancer concedes fully that many of the "big" figures in the Communist movement have been rather despicable. Some more so than others. And it is again to the modern Communist to try and evaluate, understand why that is and how it failed. Historical Dialectic is not merely for the struggle against the Capitalists. It should also be applied to our own cause, so that we may always be aware of our own failings.
PeteSeeger Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Writer
A good percentage of your picture are of the likes of Stalin, Mao, Ho CHin Minh, so on and so forth. Y'know, the guys who have a collective body count in the hundreds of millions.
anupespe Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
the west knows the exact number of people killed by Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh and so on...but doesn't know of any suffering or deaths that occured while these places were ruled by the Tsars or the Qing Dynasty or French colonial empire.

the same applies to any communist state which was previously ruled by feudal lords.
(2 Replies)
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That is true.

And it is also true that every submission is voted on. We have rejected a good many such submissions as well as accepted them.

Did you dig through the entire gallery? Just curious. You may find the likes of Camus and several others alongside the "usual suspects". And then there are the writings and AgitProp which have absolutely nothing to do with Uncle Joe et. all.

If you wish to criticize, at least be constructive about it...
(1 Reply)
Skargill Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Well just like the real Pete Seeger then.
PeteSeeger Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Writer
He, like George Orwell, knew what the Communist governments of the world were like, but still held onto the idea of communism, not the realities it had become in hopes we could yet make it right.
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