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Dear comrades of the CPDA,

Nationalism has, over the past few decades, experienced a resurgence likely not seen since the 1960s. All across the world, Nationalist and ultra-Conservative groups have gained popularity and momentum. In light of recent events surrounding mass migrations of asylum seekers and refugees from Africa and the Middle East, not to mention the high profile terrorist attacks, many Nationalist factions feel vindicated in their cries for "Foreigners out!" or "Guard the borders".

In America, many Republicans have taken up the call to limit or even expel many foreign peoples from nation, in the name of safety and security for the homeland. The Russian Federation has, over the past decade, seen a rampant wave of Nationalist sentiment in the name of restoring greatness. In many parts of the Eurozone, the economic crisis and austerity have encouraged Nationalist groups to denounce the Union and it's supposed homogenization of the European nations. Many countries of the former Soviet bloc have elected Conservative, Nationalist governments with the aims of protecting their cultures and keeping their populace "pure" of outsiders. Islamophobe Nationalists have demanded that all Muslim peoples be expelled from the "Christian" nations. In the Middle East and Africa, we see the opposite. Arab Nationalism has long been the driving force of Middle Eastern politics ever since the end of the Ottoman Empire. While radical Islamic fundamentalism has become a threat to the old Nationalism, many Arab and African nations have kept to the line of reactionary policy in the name of defending their National identities. Egypt alone demonstrates the capacity of Nationalist forces to unseat an elected government. Granted, the nature of that elected government may be equally questionable, but it is a familiar precedent in the developing world none-the-less.

It was Nationalism that played a part in destroying Yugoslavia. It was Nationalism that also unhinged much of the USSR. In China and North Korea, Nationalism has been embraced fiercely as a means of rallying support behind the government. Given China's history of colonial exploitation, this is hardly surprising. Given North Korea's position over the past century, it is equally unsurprising. Momentum for Nationalist and Imperial-leaning factions has increased in Japan as well, where Abe's government has seen increasing support for some policies aimed at restoring the glory of the Emperor and the pre-1945 Japanese order.

In South America, Nationalist groups representing the bourgeois populace have been fomenting challenges to Leftist governments and Parties for decades. This has been, arguably, most acute in Venezuela where Maduro's government has come increasingly under attack after the death of Chavez. Similar challenges to Morales of Colombia have been centered around the wealthy classes.

In Spain, Scotland, and Canada, there have been separatist movements backed largely by Nationalist sentiments, most prominently demonstrated in the Scottish Referendum of the past year.

As Marxists, we all know that the one of the guiding forces of our movement is international solidarity, the uniting of the working classes of all nations against Capitalist exploitation. In many cases throughout the 20th Century, Communists the world over fought hard and long against Nationalist factions. Sadly, in some cases, our own movement abandoned internationalist sentiment in favor of Nationalist messages. While there is argument that such messages were of a temporary and tactical nature, once established, these messages never really have been undone.

Likewise, Communists have over the years supported independence movements in many nations, the aims and goals of which to free the peoples from their colonial masters. While in doing so, most revolutions were characterized by Nationalist sentiments as part of that anti-colonial spirit. Naturally, this puts the Communist movement's history at odds with some of it's ideals.

As Communists, how do we deem our own history of Nationalist support? How do we seek to continue combating ultra-Nationalism and the chauvinism that stems from it? Is there ever a time when we are justified in supporting Nationalism of one kind while opposing another? Has the rise in Nationalist tendencies over the past decades been a refutation of Leftist politic by the people? Or has the tide of Nationalism signified the coming of a new era of fringe political groups, Fascists key among them, once more gaining support through fear and anger over the actions of equally radical forces elsewhere in the world?

In solidarity,

CPDA General Secretary
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