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To Whom It May Concern,

The Communist Party of DeviantART no longer recognizes the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea as a legitimate Socialist state, Communist movement, and Proletarian cause. For decades, the leading philosophies of North Korea have been Juche and Songun, both of which are incompatible and contrary to the aims and ideals of Marxism. Songun alone, being a "military first" philosophy, speaks for the North's abandonment of the workers movement. Other evidence of North Korea's abandonment of any Socialist aims include the removal of Marxist references from that nation's constitution.

Not only has the North abandoned the proletarian struggle for which we all stand, it has time and again abused the workers and peasants to the benefit of the military. The Kim dynasty, truly a neo-monarchical institution if ever there was one, is also being charged with gross Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations. While prosecution of Kim Jong-un or other DPRK leaders is unlikely, the CPDA sees this as a positive action by the international community. Reports from within the DPRK itself indicate that since Kim Jong-un rose to power, mass arrests and political imprisonments have risen dramatically. Mass torture is also an alleged crime of the regime. Starvation of citizens, with economic resources tied up in the military, is also a gross act of criminal negligence.

To better reflect this stance towards the DPRK, the Communist Party of DeviantART will no longer accept artwork, writings, or other creative material that shows support, sympathy, or other positive portrayal of the Kims or the DPRK as a comrade in arms. While North Korea has resisted Imperialism, they have fallen off the path of Socialism in place of a military dictatorship. A dictatorship not of the proletariat, but of one family. A dynasty that has elevated the revolutionary leader Kim Il-song to the level of godhood, embraces hereditary progression of leadership, and has been directly responsible for the regression of the North Korean peoples.


CPDA General Secretary
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So sorry, just had to post this. kthanksbye:…
i hope we will have 1000 comrades in this long we keep on struggling & defend Socialism & Communism...
That90sGuy Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm a living contradiction!
I support both capitalism and communism!
According to National Geographic Channel...

Apocalypse:The Rise of Hitler...

They say Hitler has been reading Marx's books...The Fascist Idealogy was not mentioned,only Communism was mentioned..

It make me think why Hitler rise to power because of Marx's books & Marxist...But i don't consider him Communist...
I blame the conservatives for this
It's rubbish.
Hitler was in no way influenced by communism or leftist socialism. Hitler's ideology rested on statist-nationalism, and the social conservatism, patriatism and militarism of the German military-former lower nobility burgoise mixed with race supremacism.
The-Necromancer Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never heard that Hitler had any Marxist influences or tendencies. He was solidly inspired by German Nationalists and Anti-Semites after the Great War, or so I've ever heard...

Benito Mussolini on the other hand had been a rather staunch Socialist for many years before his turn to Fascism...
However we must not forget that MUssolini was a "political adventurer", more of a careerist than an ideologically honest and consistent person. He was always setting up his sails to catch the strongest winds, he only showed consistency when he was completely uncontested, at the height of his power.
Sure people here know that China is Communist...But it seems China is no longer communism since the death toll is not rising much...unless China is like Cuba,Vietnam & Laos..

N.Korea is actually dictatorship....the reason why i thought N.Korea is communist because of the Almanacs & The Red Star used by N.Korea...

Sure i don'y know much about between Democracy,Capitalist & Communist,since i am here in America's high school,less time to understand much..
The-Necromancer Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
There is always time to understand. Marx and Engels stressed the need to understand all things.

If you ever have questions, just ask. It's what we are here for.
in the mind's of people...In Democracy...all is equal & has no poor nor Rich..

in Reality....Corruption,Greed,Gambling & Cheating occurs in Democracy..
Did you mean... capitalism? Capitalism not democracy
It is something he brings up constantly. Some comments lower we already pointed it out to him that he has a strange and incorrect understanding of the terms capitalism, democracy and communism and their relations to one another.
Well if this is not an isoltated case we could encourage the creation of works that explain why real Democracy and Socialism are actually synonyms, as you certainly know anti-communist tend to believe that the left is a threat to what they call "democratic processes" 
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