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April 15


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To Whom It May Concern,

The Communist Party of DeviantART no longer recognizes the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea as a legitimate Socialist state, Communist movement, and Proletarian cause. For decades, the leading philosophies of North Korea have been Juche and Songun, both of which are incompatible and contrary to the aims and ideals of Marxism. Songun alone, being a "military first" philosophy, speaks for the North's abandonment of the workers movement. Other evidence of North Korea's abandonment of any Socialist aims include the removal of Marxist references from that nation's constitution.

Not only has the North abandoned the proletarian struggle for which we all stand, it has time and again abused the workers and peasants to the benefit of the military. The Kim dynasty, truly a neo-monarchical institution if ever there was one, is also being charged with gross Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations. While prosecution of Kim Jong-un or other DPRK leaders is unlikely, the CPDA sees this as a positive action by the international community. Reports from within the DPRK itself indicate that since Kim Jong-un rose to power, mass arrests and political imprisonments have risen dramatically. Mass torture is also an alleged crime of the regime. Starvation of citizens, with economic resources tied up in the military, is also a gross act of criminal negligence.

To better reflect this stance towards the DPRK, the Communist Party of DeviantART will no longer accept artwork, writings, or other creative material that shows support, sympathy, or other positive portrayal of the Kims or the DPRK as a comrade in arms. While North Korea has resisted Imperialism, they have fallen off the path of Socialism in place of a military dictatorship. A dictatorship not of the proletariat, but of one family. A dynasty that has elevated the revolutionary leader Kim Il-song to the level of godhood, embraces hereditary progression of leadership, and has been directly responsible for the regression of the North Korean peoples.


CPDA General Secretary
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DigiquillDraws Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist
That's what Communism is in reality. That socialist paradise you dreamers talk about, it doesn't exist, it can't exist except In your dreams. Wake up and live in the real world.
renjikuchiki1 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Student General Artist
The real world is cesspool of death and greed promoted by the interests of corporations and the bourgeoisie. North Korea is no socialist state, nor ever was it. If we all band together to end this capitalist menace, we can end the nightmare and live the dream.
DigiquillDraws Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist
That's adorable, it honestly is. But what your wrong about is that it's Government's that perpetuate war Corporations simply cater to existing markets. To end war people need to assert control over their governments. When the people force their government's to stop causing pointless wars the corporations will stop producing military hardware because there will be no profit in it.
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
I suggest all the comrades that read this debate also to look at pages like this: all the bias in reporting of DPRK news.…
You will discover how most of them are basically fake propaganda
JKM1993 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Finally, common sense is being applied. Funny how I saw through the Kim dynasty for they really are; They are or trying to be a modern version of the old Choseon(?) Kingdom of antiquarian times past with Confucian values, all cloaked under a banner of overtly patriotic and nationalistic socialism.

They are a fascinating bunch as far as dynasties go, I would like to see them overthrown at some point in my life. Korea really needs to be united and ironically, it is the Kims who are stalling that progress. Too bad, everyone in North Korea hates Japan and quite frankly, I don't blame them. However, trade between Japan and North Korea is the beginning of the dawn of Korean unification. Lastly, I would like to say this; My personal belief is that anyone who supports DPRK is abandoning socialism and his/her God - given ability of common sense. Marx would definitely not approve of DPRK in any form whatsoever. I will go and venture to say that the system in North Korea is a corruption of Stalinism, which never really was socialism or communism in the vision of Marx, Engels and Lenin. It was and still is, a stagnant and musty form of worthless and useless, blind hero worship of a ruthless murderer who waded through rivers of a million crimson tears. Now, before the passing of Stalin in 1953; Kim Il Sung was studying in the USSR. So, naturally in the early years of DPRK, policies reflected a Stalinist influence which proceeded to evolve into the mess we have today with a young 30 year old man with little experience when he came into power and still is much a mystery to the West. It is only natural that a tightly run country with three dynastic rulers would adopt a policy like Songun. I don't know if this is true but it been suggested that Songun is to replace Juche as the main ideaology in North Korea.

I guess I could get into "Pyongyang" watching, North Korea to me is like watching a good documentary on a gruesome disease with a rare or no cure. Utterly chilling in a beguiling and darkly humorous way ( I know that there is nothing humorous about this subject)

Kudos to the comrades who ruled this stance. This was much needed.
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
Exploiting old national values it's a widespread element in ALL of the communist nations of present and past.
You should also criticize Soviet Union for the past remembering of the previous czarist-era (especially the fights against external foes) or Cuba for exploiting the figure of Josè Marti.

If you criticize the DPRK in the sense that's like Stalinism and you criticize it, ok, you may do it, but keep in mind that you've now to work on debate the stalinism as a whole.

Songun is a policy, not an ideology, that exploit the military in time of need (not just giving resourches to them, but making the military to provide resourches to the state).

However the truth it's also that if you had lived in '20, you would have been equally shocked about Lenin's behavior and how he struggled to suppress the counter-revolutionary forces into and out the borders.
JKM1993 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
I see, but what I am saying is Juche, the North Korean idea is dead; The DPRK has removed all mention of Juche and seems intent on replacing it with Songun, which is a millitary policy like you said as a ideology as strange and bizarre as it sounds. Then again, when has North Korea ever been a country to make sense? Stalinism in my humble opinion is old, antiquated and despotic with great, blaring overtones of nationalistic pride with cult-like hero worship being nothing short of idolatry at the worst. Sure, Stalin had insight on millitary matters but nobody liked him; Not even Lenin who said "...I am not sure whether he will always be capable of that authority with sufficient caution..." remarking later that Stalin was "too coarse" in his final testament.

Of course, this is all I am saying about Stalinism in general as I do not know a whole lot about Stalinism.

Kim Il Sung was most definitely a product of Stalinist thoughts and learning. Except that he put the Confucian values into the utopia of Communism, effectively making Juche.

Anyway, every form of government exploited it's people in some form or another. Communism included but what is happening in North Korea is NOT what Marx had in mind.

Yes, I remember reading that, the famine during Lenin and the Allied operation to help the Tsarists fight Bolsheviks.
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Let's think at some background: once Soviet Union was fall, the communist countries had few choices to do.
Some as China, Vietnam and Laos walked on a path of capitalist economy, with larger or minor success, with larger or minor setback, with better or worse management (better has been Vietnam, that is proving able to put a stop on some thing, differently from China).
Cuba and DPRK differently had a different problem: both were (and are) under an economic block and ongoing threat of invasion/plot do cause the downfall of the goverment.
Cuba has been gifted with a pleasent country and sea, so they worked on turism, downplaying the military (that's basically turned to "0") to make more friendly relationship with Europe and gaining trusts point on this side.
DPRK could have done nothing about it, because the country is cold, rugged, poor or agricultural resource.
Not to mention the fact that DPRK face a more direct challange, because SouthKorea (as DPRK) claim the leadership of the whole peninsula, and the US Army kept a stable military presence.

Every idiot at this point could have understood that keeping a strong military force could be the ONLY element to keep the survival of the goverment. (and there are ongoing "lesson-learned": see what happened in Libya to Gheddafi: he trusted the west, he started to make economic collaboration, he gave up his missiles and stop buying weapons: they betrayed him and killed him).

If you research a bit, "Songun" never replaced "Juche"; they're to completely different thing.
"Juche" design the political background of DPRK, that's basically Korean Socialism (as every different communist-socialist country ever defined his own adaptation of socialism/communist, shaped after the different cultureal and social background of the country).
"Songun" is a strategy, as one of the many employed  by all the communist countries (including Soviet Union under Lenin, that employed more than one), and is basically "We give resourches to the army, we are sure to keep a powerful army to prevent invasion,  then we employ the army in economy-building projects to fill the gap".

There is nothing of particular "bizzarre" with this, just look at the Leninist policies during the Civil War in Russia.

Cult of personality it's another matter that require long talks: one can dislike it as he wish, but people will ever need symbols, especially when during hard time.

Speaking of Marx.... honestly NONE of the communist countries that occurred was imagined by Marx, and honestly (if i'm right) shouldn't be a surprise (if i remember well he predicted that the USA would have been the first communist country because the large number of workers.
Marx established a scientific structure to analyze economy and society, predicting the only way for the human society to evolves and adapt.
Obviously he had nothing to predict how the single events in every single country could have been occurred, but don't forget that he made clear how a socialist country have to establish the "dictatorship of proletariat": a dictatoship, nothing of fun or pretty or nice....
But what's needed to face and defeat the contries led by the capitalist rulers, that start with advantages because they had years to enrich themselves, build powerful military and obscure and keep in ignorance the mind of the masses.

Probably Marx could have been more disappointed by all the wanna-be communist that speak of eco-friendly heroism and think it's all an adventure in Robin Hood style.
JKM1993 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Yeah, or those children who think that they're so cool and trendy for being "communist" and calling everyone who happens to walk by or meet them "comrade".

Songun is a recent innovation of Juche, started being implemented in 1995 if I remember correctly. However, I think you are right. I looked again and I cannot find the source that said Juche was being replaced by Songun.

You are a hundred percent right on Gaddafi.

By the way, I am having trouble understanding what you are exactly saying, more specifically, defending?
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Just to put some of more shame on the terrible leadership of my country, Italy had even a kind of mutual-project for defense both from inner and outside enemies. They basically spit on it..
And the CIA had collaborated with the Libyan intelligence to capture (and torture there) Al-Quaeda operatives, some of them released and then at the head of the rebel forces (and now dragging the country into another civil war).

Generally speaking, i've left comments and replies a number of time in this official stance of the CPDA, just to undress how it has been the product of a (very effective) campaign of propaganda and disinformation that has been produced by the southKorean press, CIA-founded "Radio Free Asia" and the western press.

And as amusing element, i could say that half of these CPDA members (honest communists) would have been easily deceived by the similar disinformation campaign made by the USA and the Western world in the last 2 centuries, if we had lived in that particular time.
Because the same campaign that now harass DPRK has been done against the early Marxist and communist movements, the anarchists, the Leninist Ussr, the Stalinist Ussr, the Maoist China, and all the other communist or even socialist nations (including the less dangerous, as Allende's Chile or Jacobo Arbenz government in Guatemala. )
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