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November 7, 2012


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Opening of the Second Congress of the CPDA UPDATE

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 2:43 AM

Dear comrades of the Communist Party of DeviantART,

It is November 7th. As such, our Second Party Congress is now officially underway. We have the unique situation this year of being able to respond to the results of the US Presidential Elections as well as several pressing issues of the Party itself.

I would like to take a moment to reflect on the victory of President Obama in the American election. Some comrades will see his victory as yet another choice between two bourgeois candidates. They would be correct. However, from the practical view, we need not totally grumble about Obama's re-election. The truth is simple, comrades. While the forces of Capitalism have a friend in Obama, he is at the least a type of progressive. It is, after all, important for us to take the long view of our struggle in America.

As a moderate progressive, Obama has already put in place some tentative policies that have Socialist qualities to them. While these policies do not go nearly far enough, it is a step in the right direction. His return to the White House for another four years also secures America from the total influence of a reactionary conservative government. The defeat of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (by some percentage too) prevents the Republicans from seriously pushing forward their policies, many of which are increasingly based in the ideals of Ayn Rand and ultra-individualism. With Obama as President, it is not unreasonable to believe we may see more progressive, if not completely satisfactory, agendas put forward.

What does this mean to us Communists? As I said, we must take the long view in this era. As Lenin once said, we must know when to work within the system of bourgeois rule and when to work outside of it. With a man like Mr. Obama in the White House, some basic policies towards Socialism will be put forth. Some may even be put into law. As such, this benefits our cause indirectly by slowly introducing further bits and pieces of Socialism into America. These Democrat policies will, in time, help remove some of the obstacles a more conservative Republican administration would put in place against our aims and the aims of the working masses. Anything the Democrats may do in the name of "social equality" and their bourgeois notions of "justice" will ultimately advance our cause in the long term.

This, of course, should not be confused with full-fledged support of any of the bourgeois politicians. The Democrats should always be viewed as temporary allies in keeping with the idea that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". That is why the victory of Obama over Romney pleases me. That is why I voted for President Obama over another candidate. While Obama and the Democrats will never be in line with our agenda, they will unwittingly help pave the way for our purposes. That is a luxury we would never receive from any Republican, and it is a luxury that we should take the fullest tactical advantage of.

With my personal thoughts on the election out of the way, I encourage any comrades who wish to add to the discussion to comment below.

Moving to topics more relevant to our Party Congress itself, I have an updated list of all comrades currently running for positions on our Central Executive Committee:

The-Necromancer is running for the office of General Secretary
HERNZ4795 is running for the position of Commissar of Internal Affairs.
Party9999999 and renjikuchiki1 are running for the post of Commissar of Visual Arts.
KnoFear are running for the post of Commissar of Literary Affairs.
The-Laughing-Rabbit is running for the post of Commissar of External Affairs.
DeathlessLegends13 is running for the post of Commissar of Theory and Ideology.

Currently, there are no candidates running for the following offices:

Commissar of the Treasury


An updated list of Discussion Points that we will be holding during our two week Congress:

Sustainable Funding for the CPDA Point Account as held by the Commissar of the Treasury.
Continued Discussion on the Outcome of the US Presidential Elections.
The European Debt Crisis.
The Struggle in Greece.
The Creation of a Commissariat of Environmental Affairs.
The Rise in Racism on DeviantART and How We May Combat It.
Clarifying the Role of Central Committee Members not on the Central Executive Committee.
Review of the Party's Submission Guidelines.
Review of the Party's Membership Guidelines.


Also, any comrades wishing to be nominated as Observers on the Central Committee should ANNOUNCE THEMSELVES FOR CONSIDERATION! This is important because any nominees to the Committee are voted upon along with candidates for the Executive Committee.

Current nominees for Observer status on the Central Committee:


Let our discussions begin, comrades. This is the time in which our Party will decide it's path for the next year. Participation is not required, but it is important to us!

In solidarity,

CPDA General Secretary

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Velikorossiya Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Has no one announced candidacy for the Treasury yet?
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not yet, no. Comrade NurIzin is the current Commissar, but he hasn't even declared intentions for running again.
Velikorossiya Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
What exactly does that job entail? Is there a place with these descriptions already set up?
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The task of the Commissar of the Treasury is to promote fundraising and manage the CPDA's point donations. Also, if desired, the Commissar of the Treasury may set up contests for the membership to take part in. Currently, we really don't have much funding being held by comrade NurIzin.
EnricoZbogar Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student Photographer
I would talk about the Obama victory. As a Communist i cannot support him. He is my enemy, class-enemy, like or maybe more than Romney. Actually it's true that he has change something and for the proletariat is easier to live, but how we can forget that it is the way to numb the working class. We are falling again and again in the same blackmail between the bad and the worse. We would like more being hit once or twice? No i don't wanna be hit at all.
As a Communist Party and as militant of different Communist Party all around the world we have the responsability to be the proletariat politic vanguard. We can't support one party or another else. we have to strongly criticize Obama and every his mate. They are against the workling class and if we support 'em, then workers how can they belive us when we talk about revolution. Otherwise we're going to be the same of the Italian C.P., that now has changed his name and it became a democratic pary, whitout any intrest in working class.
I'm not a radical reformist, neither a reformist, I want the revolution and I want the working class ruling all over the world. And supporting Obama is not the right way... it is the same old stalinist way
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Your opinion is not one I'm unfamiliar with.

As noted, I myself take the long view. As such, I feel it is important to work within the system when beneficial to us. When it does not benefit us, when the Democrats are no longer useful to us, then we throw them out. It is, I believe, a notion Lenin would have found acceptable. Much like his attitudes towards the Socialist Revolutionaries when rebelling against Kerensky's provisional government.

The Capitalists (Obama included) will sell us the rope with which we hang them. If that means we are to be patient, encourage and support agendas that serve OUR purposes, and gain our strength while the nation is distracted with the back-and-forth dickering of the Republicans and Democrats, all the better. Work within the system when it suits us, work outside of it when opportunity allows. There can be no revolution without a revolutionary situation, comrade. And, as Lenin also said, not every revolutionary situation leads to a revolution. If it were otherwise, we would have been able to overthrow the Capitalists during the Great Depression of the 1930s. THAT was as close to a real revolutionary situation as we've ever been in modern America.

I do not support the Democrats because I genuinely like them. I support them so that they may undo the Republicans. Once the Republicans have been made pointless, then our next (and real) battle against the bourgeois government as a whole begins. Divide and conquer, comrade, divide and conquer.
EnricoZbogar Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student Photographer
I want to emphasize that we are not the same thing of 1917 Bolsheviks. We are less, we can't reach the 10% and in 1917 they were the majority. That was an alliance to win the revolution, and were the Socialst Revolutionaries to sumbit to the Bolsheviks and their politic programme and a proletariat whithout any class consciousness. In that time it was a tactical choose, but now is opportunism. We all know we'll have to compromise with the middle class in the process of proletarianization, and also our militants sometimes are from middle class because the party is from all the society but only for the working class instrests. But we have to root in the working class, that is no longer ours, as communists, not as allies of the capitalism. We should differentiate from opportunism and we have always to have strong criticism against that false socialdemocrats. I wish you know that the democratic party is not a moderate left party, is a moderate or moderate right. And we haven't anything in common with 'em.
Yes, i know that only a crisis can produce a revolution, but not all the crisis will produce revolution. I know how it works. We are maybe opportunists? Sure we have to salute every reform that allows better life condition to the working class, but we still have to emphasize that it is the wrong way. Because all of this "changes" will fell when the capitalism will need. we must declare it! any change is temporary and functional to capitalism!
We, as communists, can't fell in opportunism, which will mean the signing of the ruin of the militant and ideological construction of communism.
This is not dividing and conquering, this is queuing. We have to tell to every prolet, to every worker that they are two faces of the same coin. They are the same bourgeois' shit. we have to deprive 'em of their political meaning and show how and why they are the same. Actually between Romney and Obama there's not al lot of differences, and you know that. they are long long far away from the left side, and we must tell it to every one. There is an alternative! We are the alternative! Not the followers.

I know i will be one of the few who think this way, but i believe it is the righ way.
I'm very sorry for my english, i'm italian and it's hard for me talk about this complicated way.
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You need not be worried about your English. It is perfectly understandable to me.

I do see your point, comrade. However, the American people are long-indoctrinated and still sleeping when it comes to their exploitation. Actually, the American people are willing exploiters themselves for the most part, with a constant hunger for consumer goods. That is why America sees 25% of the world's resources diverted to it every year. Think of that. One nation getting a quarter of all there is every year...

As stated, I do not condone the Democrats. They are useful for bashing the Republicans in the head. That is my use for them, and so far, it has been working well enough. The Republicans also seem to be suffering from idiocy within their ranks, which has further weakened them. There is also the fact that the American populace has become very diverse and multi-ethnic has weakened the traditional Republican base significantly.

I play by the long game because it is logical. What we cannot defeat with brute force, we must infiltrate and influence. Gramsci was one of the first to suggest this, actually. And that was in the 1920s. Cultural Hegemony, I believe he called it. It requires patience, planning, and a cool temper. Combined with the dedication and professionalism of Lenin's theories, it is a suitable tactic for our modern bourgeois infested society. It sickens me that even the average proletarian has been deluded with dreams of becoming a petty bourgeois. That is the kind of opiate we are up against, where entire nations of people have been shown through television and other media that "THIS is how you should strive to be!".

Deplorable, all of it. However, hasty and overtly militant action will get us nowhere in this era. Organizations like the FBI, CIA, FSB, AISI, and other intelligence agencies around the world are very keen to label us "terrorists" if we become too violent in our tactics. Sadly, the I fear the days of open and successful revolt are behind us so long as we have not captured the popular message and the support of the masses.

That is our primary work now. To bring the masses over to our side. Using a major political player like the Democrats in America to bludgeon our openly hostile opponents with serves our purposes while keeping us from taking any of the damaging scrutiny that may accompany it. Thus, we are left intact to continue our work.
EnricoZbogar Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Photographer
I wish to clear a concept.
We all know the hard situation in the USA and unfortunately every proletariat is slowly leveling with that mentality. There are 2 kinds of union with the socialdemocrats. The Gramsci's and the stalinists' - like Togliatti - way is the unique front (from above) (it: Fronte Unico dall'alto) and it is what they had done all across the recent history. They, as a Communists Party, allied whith socialist, democrats and liberal, beginning in the WWII with the Resistence. What they have obtained? The former Communist Party is now a mix of keynesians and democrats. Where are the comrades? we are divided in a lot of factions of any kinf of culture. Left Communists (which includes bordigists, internationalists - as me -, bolshevik leninists), left trotzkists, right trotzkists, stalinist and maoists, "socialchauvinists", anarco-communists). Every time in the history the communist party made a step to the center, a new little group split themselves out of the opportunist CP. But the base of the workers, which are not politically informed or they never studied outside the party, they still in the PCI (Italian Communist Party) and now they vote for democrats, that's it. This is the perfect example of what you get rejecting to be a vantguard. They choose the polls at the expense of the working class, and unfortunatly the working class followed them.
The second kind of union is the Unique Front from below (Fronte unico dal basso) which means that the communist workers, the socialist workers, the democrat workers fight together against the class enemy. The communist party still be communist and keep having a correct analysis without opportunism. That way communists can forward other workers that their methods are doomed to failure, as they could see (like referendum, tradeunion bargaining, short strikes and 3-months-before-planned strikes). Communists should join other's trade unions, fight comitee, etc. to trying to divert their action. For example, there is the indignados movement or the occupy movement. As a communist i must intervene and say thad we have to be classist, we have to look for a new way of production, we can't content of a increasing taxes on the rich and going on. We have to look for angry workers and angry students and intercep them. They will always have spontaneous trend to improve capitalism, but our duty is demostrate them that we have over 150 yrs of analysis and politically based and realistic ideas.

And in the end i wish to remember you that democrats are also anticommunists ad repubblicans.

Salutes comrade/s
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
My dear comrade,

The entirety of your argument is exactly what comrade Lenin had once spoke of. The only problem is the fracturing of our movement as opposed to it's unity. Lenin would have likely been satisfied yet critical of those Communists working within the system. He also would have applauded the attempts by comrades to work outside it, as the latter half of your position states. It is the combination of both processes that will lead us to victory.

Work with the enemy as suits our purposes while seeking every opportunity to weaken the entire Capitalist structure when militantly possible. I accept Gramsci's position largely because in our modern world, militant action has become more difficult to conceal from the bourgeois state. However, the work of organizing strikes and labor rallies, demonstrations of the working class against their masters is at the center of our cause.

I am slightly perturbed that you seem to think I do not value the concepts of the Vanguard Party, as it was Lenin who put those theories into practice. As a Marxist-Leninist, I hold all of Lenin's theory and practice as key to the foundations of Communist effort. If you deem Marxism-Leninism to be "opportunist", I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree with you.

As for the nature of the Democrats, yes, I am very aware that they are anti-Communists just as the Republicans. Here in America, however, the Democrats are useful to some extent. We must use every tool at our disposal, no matter how temporary it's use is. America is most recalcitrant in it's resistance to Socialism, comrade. We cannot afford to ignore even one potential tool for our cause when it comes to the struggle in America.
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